Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou [WN]



The world I reincarnated into was a world that enabled you to use magic after having read a Grimoire.

And the Grimoire’s contents areーー you wouldn’t believe it- it’s 「Manga」.

This world’s people would take around a year to read a single Grimoire (Manga)

While for me, it would not take an hour, as it was「Manga」

Interpreting and understanding all kinds of Grimoires, the 6 year old me who became the World’s Strongest Master Mage, welcomed brides that were also 6 years old, and started living a carefree life……!!

Associated Names
I am a world’s strongest, because I can read a MANGA ~I spend a willful life with my wives~
Manga Is Grimoires
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