Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho [WN]



A smart, athletic, who handles anything perfectly and unequalled beautiful girl, dies young due to a car accident.

And now, while possessing the memories of her previous life, she reincarnated in a fantasy-ish different world with swords and magic!

All lives were dependant of magicians, however, their numbers decreased every year due to the magic power (mana) scattered around the world running out, thus the reliance on magic for living was coming to an end.

A story that will lead to the life of a girl relying the knowledge of her previous life, as she proposes a way to live even without the use of magic while seeking for what it is, and aiming for a wealthier life.

Associated Names
Highspec Highschool Girl’s Parallel World Reincarnation – Aiming for a More Abundant Livelihood!
Resume of a reincarnated shoujo
ハイスペック女子高生の異世界転生 より豊かな生活を目指して
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